I thought about this migration for a bit last few months, but never had a time to perform it. I observed what people are using, and wanted to decrease amount of money I spend for hosting and to make my life easier.

After quick research and thinking what I need, I decided to go with Jekyll.

If you’re planning to use static site generator, read this post and maybe you’ll pick Jekyll too.

Why Jekyll you ask?

I know there are several static site generators like this one but I picked Jekyll because this is the only one official tool supported by Github. Other tools works with Github too, like Middleman. I just… wanted to have really easy migration and do not spent more time than needed.

  • Hosting page on Github will allow me to drop my current hosting.
  • I don’t like Wordpress articles editor. I always wanted to use markdown and write articles in Atom which is great app btw! I can recommend it to everyone - Dropped Sublime Text, Mou and TextWrangler for it. Now I can use markdown and this is really great, articles look clear during writing and easy to maintain.
  • I can host blog on github, so I have source control management.
  • I do not need a big solution like Wordpress - I want to keep my blog simple.
  • I played a lot with Python last month, working on RESTful service and frontend using Flask. It uses Jinja2, and Jekyll also uses Jinja2 templating system, which I like - It is easy to do frontend.
  • It is easier for me to create new pages, like page with list of all articles on the blog, or… okay, I have only just this one for the moment :)
  • Syntax highlighting is better than the Crayon on Wordpress.
  • There is no html tags floating around in the article, e.g. inline or not inline syntax highlighting code, or links, or images - oh, I hate this!

And there is more things that I don’t want to think about now.


Migration process

It took me ~10-12 hours to move 47 articles with images and links, and to convert everything to markdown, and update a bit default Jekyll’s theme.

After I moved everything manually I found there is a migration tool that allow you move your wordpress data to Jekyll. My bad, but now I do know very well how to create posts on Jekyll ;)

Jekyll is nicely documented so I found answers for probably every of my questions in official documentation.

Migration is done

That’s it. Blog based on Jekyll is up and running. Good, now I just need to write posts on the blog.