Xcode: PDF vectors in Assets catalog

Recently I realized that it is possible to work easier with Assets catalog in Xcode 67. As I started searching the Internet I found that the feature I’m using now is available since Xcode 6 has been released - PDF vectors. Don’t know how could I missed that.

In a project I recently finished and waiting for review approval I found that this is possible to use PDF in Assets catalog - And this is awesome.

You just put PDF in Assets and mark it as vector graphic and there is only one “socket” for putting asset called All, instead of using @1x, @2x, @3x. Xcode will rasterize this PDF to the correct resolutions and scales at build time.

I am using Sketch to draw UI and here it is how my export settings looked like before and after using PDFs:


After assets are imported to Assets catalog the only thing to do is to mark it as vector so Xcode knows what to do with this PDF.


And the best part is how it looked before and now with PDFs.