Starting project in Swift 2 for iOS 9/8 features testing

Today I started new project on github, called Quotes. It has been created for testing features of iOS 9 and iOS 8 too which I was not able to test in the past or not tried yet because things are new.

I thought it would be great idea to create project containing new features and start doing this in project that could work mainly with text so UI work will be a bit limited. I think that app storing quotes will be good for the beginning. Let’s give it a chance :)

I’ll be also experimenting with MVVM (Model View ViewModel) architectural pattern so if you don’t care about iOS 9 feature you probably will take a look at least how this pattern works. It works nicely in one project I have opportunity to work now and we’ll see how it will work with Quotes. Project is developing in Xcode 7 and Swift 2.

The next thing I would like to do are tests. These are often omitted which is bad for the project and its safety. I wrote about two frameworks in the past and also here I will be using Quick and Nimble which I like the most recently. These will be integrated with the project using Carthage dependency manager.

Any contribution is welcome. If you notice that something could be done better / could be improved - feel free to comment in blog posts or file an issue on github - I hope you will :)