Strings with length variations in iOS 8 with Swifternalization

iOS 9.0 provides new way to select and display proper localized string variation depending on screen width. With Swifternalization 1.2 you can use the feature also in iOS 8.0.

If you don’t know how the feature works in iOS 9 you can read about it in previous post iOS: Strings with length variations.

Today I’ve released Swifternalization 1.2 which has the strings length variations functionality but you can use it in iOS 8.0 too - The framework works with JSON files instead of Localizable.strings and avoids using stringdicts files.

Using the feature in a system manner you have to create stringsdict file for you key and create a dictionary inside with key-value pairs and in the code you have to call variantFittingPresentationWidth: method to get a proper string variant.

<em>Stringsdict</em> file:
<key>Forgot Password</key>
        <string>Forgot Password? Help.</string>
        <string>Forgot password? Get password Help.</string>
        <string>Forgotten Your Password? Get password Help.</string>

And in the code:

let localized: NSString = NSLocalizedString("Forgot Password", comment: "")
label.text = localized.variantFittingPresentationWidth(100)
{% endhighlight %}

Doing this with Swifternalization you just need to extend/add key-value
translation pair in JSON file like below:
{% highlight json %}
"forgot-password": {
    "@100": "Forgot Password? Help.",
    "@200": "Forgot password? Get password Help.",
    "@300": "Forgotten Your Password? Get password Help."

And somewhere in code just call localizedString method and fill one of default parameters.

label.text = I18n.localizedString("forgot-password", fittingWidth: 200)

Easy, isn’t it? :)