Xcode: Moving view in storyboard and keeping it on the same level in hierarchy

I am playing a bit with storyboards and was thinking if there is a way to move view without changing its level in views hierarchy. And, there is one.

Following case: I have a view controller which has its view which is container for other views obviously. I added another view (called board) which cover entire space and added 2 inside this board view. I added a label to the view controller’s main view and wanted to keep it on this level when moving it around. The natural thing is that when you start moving this label, it causes that one of views below changes its color to blue which indicates that when you drop the label it will be added as subview of the blue-highlighted view.

You can avoid this by pressing Command (⌘) key during dragging and dropping.

Here is a screen recording that presents how it works:

Before I found this trick I always selected the view and modified X and Y position of the view using the Size Inspector. The new way I found is better and faster.