My absence and work in Palo Alto in October

Hey guys! Sorry for not being active last few weeks. I am temporarily living in Palo Alto, CA and working for one of my employer’s customers to the end of the October.

This is great opportunity for me to learn english and meet new people here, so I enjoy working, sightseeing and attending iOS/Programming meetups.

No worries about the blog. I see that people like to read it, I’ve got like ~200 page views per day which is big success for me, and finally I have #ios hashtag on feedly. Thank you all :)

I am learning new things, but this is a bit slower because of the time that I don’t have too much. So, yeah, be patient, there will be more soon. I’ll be exploring some CloudKit topics. Probably next week. Stay tuned!

PS. I am very impressed about women here, that work as iOS/Android Software Engineers. This is not usual in Poland, at least here, where I work now. Greetings for Ashley Schneider, Nidhi Shah and Manjula Jonnalagadda and thanks for great presentations!

PS2. Tomorrow (Thu, Oct 22) I’ll be attending Painless, Type-Safe Data Views w/ Swift, & Building Trust w/ User Authentication in San Francisco. If you’re reading the blog and will be there, say Hi to me :)